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Vapoursson Vape Om e-Cigarette - Refillable & Rechargeable Starter Kit + 5 x 10ml | Cigee

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ELEGANT, LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE E-cigarette by Vapoursson. Perfect to carry in your pockets, it also has a sleek design which makes it comfortable to hold & use. USB Rechargeable, with a Micro USB charger included and an external USB port, making the unscrewing of the battery unnecessary. Easily refillable and compatible with most of the e-liquids on the market (we recommend to use 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids). Solid mould encasing, protecting it against falls and spills. Lightweight and portable. Free Cleanser Pack included (5 x 10ml bottles of e-liquids + Cleaning Cloth + Cleanser e-juice). No Nicotine, Tobacco or Tar.
Looking for an easy way to start vaping and the Vape Mods are too big for you? The Vape Om from Vapoursson is the perfect entry point into the vaping world.

Bringing premium technology into your hands, Vape OM is a lifetime product. Its simple but stylish design and the solid mould encasing protect this e-cigarette from falls and spills. This item comes in a slim and simple black box, which makes it look like the perfect gift for a vaper.

Easy to recharge, Vape OM comes with a Micro-USB cable which needs to be plugged directly into the e-cigarette exterior port, making the unscrewing of the battery unnecessary and helping you save more time. Moreover, it's also easy to refill this e-cigarette, using your favourite e-liquids.

Its graduated glass tank allows you to see the amount of e-liquid left, after each use, and it also helps you fill the chamber safer and easier. Besides, the silicone cap included prevents the e-cigarette from spilling when you carry it in your pocket and protects it against dust or bacteria.

With a 5 clicks system, your Vappourson Vape OM power can be turned on or off, preventing it from accidentally activating in your pockets. Plus, for each Vapoursson e-cigarette ordered, you will receive a free Cleanser Pack of e-liquids, containing 5 bottles of nicotine-free e-juice, so you can start vaping right away, a cleaning cloth and a bottle of cleanser liquid for your vape tank!