What are E cigars internal components ?

E cigar is an electronic device which can be operated on an internal battery. Here internal battery can be easily recharged once it got discharged. each E-cigar has its own several internal components. See the image above where you can see elaborated e cigar components.  

The E-cigarette components -  

  • Mouthpiece
  • Top connector
  • Tank
  • Airflow base
  • Coil

Each component of e cigar has its own work like mouthpiece is made up of stainless steel which allows a user to drag the vapes from the e cigar. The next component is a tank which is made to contain a 1-2 ml of e-liquid. There is a coil which heats up using battery power to burn the liquid to make vapes. The “Airflow base” is made to control the vape and air flow while the user inhales the vapes. The top connector is to close the tank and to hold the mouthpiece within.

airflow base, there will be an 1100 mAh battery container with the switch to operate E Cigar. CIGMA Mini Box Mod is the world's Slimmest Smallest E cigar which is completely user-friendly and very easy to carry.

The sequence to fix it is as follows from the bottom Airflow base, Tank, Top connector, Coil Mouthpiece see the image below for a better understanding of sequence.