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by Vapoursson
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Key Features

Vapoursson REXZA

The Vapourrson Rexza uses the Cloud Clearomizer for an easy draw and thick vapour production. The Rexza has a special micro charging port which makes unscrewing the battery for charging unnecessary.

¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ Micro USB charging
¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ Cloud clearomizer
¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ Includes 10ml premium e liquid
¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ Silicon vapoursson holder
¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ LED safety vape button
¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ Replaceable vapourrson coil avaliable


Vapoursson Electronic Cigarettes brings premium technology to the hands of normal smokers.

We design our products around our customers, so they look, feel and taste great. Enjoy style and substance ? with the best vaping e cigarettes possible.

Vapoursson Rexza

The Vapourrson Reza is the core standard of E cigarettes. It is simple to use and fill but brings the best vapour and taste to the customer. It has all the necessary functions to get the best out of your liquids without any hassle.

The battery LED button and front has a 3 light power indication warning you of how much battery power is going into your vaping before requiring to recharge.

Innovative Super battery ¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ Safe Feature Protection

Features a 3click On/Off LED button switch with ¢ €š ¬˜manual ¢ €š ¬ €ž ¢ activation to make sure you are in control.

The battery is 650 mAh offering 800 puffs when fully charged with the Micro USB charger.

The battery is built for long lasting durability and put through a high quality control system to make sure you will gain the best experience from vaping your eliquid flavours.

With a Money Back Guarantee if the customer is unhappy, there is no better choice than VAPOURRSON

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