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Vapoursson Magnet e-Cigarette + Odin's Oven Danish Pastries Strawberry and Cream 100ml + Odin's Oven Danish Pastries Blueberry 100ml

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  • Long lasting: Only strong materials were used, making the Vape very resistant to breakage and heat. Solid Mould Encasing provides Protection from falls and spills.
  • USB Rechargeable, with a Micro USB charger included and an external USB port, making the unscrewing of the battery unnecessary.
  • Safe & Certificated, 100% authentic from Vapoursson Official Store. Keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • Nicotine-free e-liquid - Each e-liquid is free of nicotine, tobacco, tar.

Vapoursson - MAGNET The Vapoursson is a refillable e-cigarette. Nicotine Free. The Magnet is made using high quality grade materials and tested by Vapoursson for vapour quality. Pro Tank / Dual Coil Offers a bottom filling Dual Coil Pro Tank which reduces the need to replace your coils as often as the competitors. The Vapoursson magnet also comes with a Free Coil in the box so you can use your product longer before needing to replace it. The Vapoursson Magnet tank is built to produce stronger vapour unlike many inferior magnet ecigarettes which produce low vapour. The possibility of a leak is zero when used with the Vapoursson E Liquid range. Magnetic Cap The Magnet is built for life, the magnetic cap is designed to conveniently cover the mouth piece when not in use for easy storage in a pocket or purse/bag. Micro USB Charging The Vapoursson Magnet comes with a Micro usb cable which can charge the battery without you ever needing to unscrew the battery. Older models require you to constantly remove the battery from the tank every time you need to charge it. With the Vapoursson Magnet you can charge and vape at the same time thanks to the Micro USB function. Power LED Indicator The Vapoursson Magnet allows you to know how much power is left in your battery thanks to the special LED light button. The LED light will indicate when you have high power, medium power and low power. Safety - Overcharge Safety Protection The Magnet comes with overcharge safety protection to safeguards against short circuit, overcharge or burn out.