Vapoursson Cloud Clearomizer for Electronic Cigarette | Cigee

by Vapoursson
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Key Features

Designed for Vapoursson Envod & Exvod e-Cigarettes the coils are also compatible with other products. Replace your coils to keep your e-liquid fresh and your vapour thick.

Long lasting filled with organic cotton wick for a healthier vape.

The pack contains 3 coils at an affordable price.

Easy to replace in order to obtain a high quality vape.

Money Back Guarantee if you\'re not satisfied with the Vapoursson Coils. Nicotine-free product. TPD Registered. New Warning Labels Applied.


Searching for a lifetime e-cigarette tank? Vapoursson introduces to you the Cloud Clearomizer. With an innovative and ergonomic mouthpiece this Clearomizer has an improved vapour production and it's very comfortable to use.

Having a stylish design and being built with Quality Resin Material the Cloud Clearomizer is a long-lasting product compatible with multiple batteries such as CE4 CE5 and CE6 and with Vapoursson's E-Cigarettes (Envod Exvod Rexza and Innive).

Leak-proof this Clearomizer's tank system makes sure to provide you with a safe product so you can enjoy the vaping experience to the fullest. Say goodbye to unpleasant e-liquid leaks in your pocket!

The high-temperature resistant glass tank protects your e-liquid and it allows you to see the amount of it left after every use which makes the Clearomizer so simple to refill. Plus there are two ways to fill this tank with your favourite e-liquids: from the bottom as every other e-cigarette tank and also from the top. All you need to do is to unscrew the top and pour the liquid down the side of the chamber simple and fast.

Note: Our coils work the best with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. A higher VG e-liquid is thicker and harder to vaporise.

Because your satisfaction matters the most and we want to make sure our products fulfil your needs Vapoursson comes with a Money Back Guarantee and a full warranty.

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