UniCoil V9 1.5ohm | 5 Pack Replaceable Atomizer Coils | Cigee

by UniCoil
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Key Features

1.5ohm Resistance coils for multiple e-cigarettes & vape devices. High quality substitute coils at lower prices.

Pack of 5 coils at an affordable price. Replace the coil whenever you feel the slight burnt taste from your e-liquids. Compatible with Protank 3 Mini Protank 3 Evod 2 T3D and AEROTank.

Low resistance for a stronger throat hit thicker clouds and more powerful flavours. With Japanese cotton wick for more powerful flavours.

CE and RoHS verified products. These coils do not contain Nicotine. Suitable for all the e-liquids.

Easy to replace - just uscrew the metal cap of the tank remove the old coil and replace it with the new one. Refill with e-liquid and wait a couple of minutes before vaping.


Keep your e-liquid and your vape cloud fresh and tasty with our UniCoils. Fitting multiple e-cigarette types such as Protank 3 Mini Protank 3 Evod 2 T3D and AEROTank these long-lasting coils promise to offer you weeks of vaping and perfect flavours. 1.5ohm resistance to produce more vapours and to provide you with a stronger taste of your favourite e-liquids. This product does not contain nicotine. Suitable for all types of e-liquids. Our products come with a Money Back Guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied by them.

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