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Vapoursson Vape Envod e-Cigarette - Refillable & Rechargeable Starter Kit | Cigee

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Key Features

  • ELEGANT LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE E-cigarette by Vapoursson . Perfect to carry in your pockets due to its pen shape it also has a sleek design which makes it comfortable to hold & use.
  • LONG LASTING: Only strong materials were used making the Vape ENVOD very resistant to breakage and heat. Solid Mould Encasing provides Protection from falls and spills
  • RECHARGEABLE : the Micro USB charger included needs to be inserted in the exterior USB port . No unscrewing no time wasted. The battery is powerful (650 mAh) and it comes with a Safe Feature Protection and a 5 Clicks System.
  • REFILLABLE: Vape ENVOD Works With All E-Liquids Easy to Refill and Safe Against Leaks. Produces plenty of Vapours making Your Vaping Experience Better. Note: Our coils work the best with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. A higher VG e-liquid is thicker and harder to vaporise .
  • REPLACEABLE COILS Available on Amazon. Nicotine Free Product. Concerned about your Satisfaction Vape ENVOD comes with a Money Back Guarantee. TPD Registered . New Warning Labels Applied.


Picture yourself in a world where tobacco smoke would be nonexistent and people who surround you won't have to face its consequences. Vapoursson brings you one of the best alternative to smoking: VAPE ENVOD .

Bringing premium technology into your hands Vape Envod is a lifetime product. Its simple but stylish design and the solid mould encasing protect this e-cigarette from falls and spills.

Lightweight and portable Vape Envod can be carried in your pocket bag or briefcase. It's comfortable to hold in your hands making the entire vape experience more pleasant. Moreover it can be easily refilled with your favourite e-liquids providing an excellent amount of vapour .

All the Vapoursson e-cigarettes are interchangeable which means you can pick and chose the best features of Vapoursson. The Vape Envod is also compatible with The Cloud Clearomizers from Vapoursson .

Strong long-lasting and protected against leakings and breaks this clearomizer offers you a long lifespan and a better vape. The tank comes with a silicone mouthpiece for a better protection against spills and dust. Also the ergonomic mouthpiece is very comfortable to use for a high-quality vape.

Replaceable coils available and easy to change.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent Product.

Excellent product. Works well and looks good. Feels more expensive than the price. Superb customer service too.

When it works its great, but the coil only last 3 or 4 ...

When it works its great, but the coil only last 3 or 4 days before it needs replacing, and that's without heavy usage.

angie gaskin
E-cig heaven.

Brilliant e-cig, bought another one because they are so good. Really good price and easy to buy spare coils.

Cigee Customer
Read on.

Very good piece of equipment, nice sized aperture. Bulky, more suited to indoor use as its not very robust, sit it upright in its holder and it will fly at some point. The problem with the Envod is that its all plastic, the threads and coil attachment points should be made of metal. Which, the much smaller Vaporsson Micro, does have, as its all metal, size of a cigarette and much more robust for outdoor use. I can recommend the Vaporsson mint vape 100ml as well, very clean!