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eKaiser e-Cigarette - Pre-filled & Rechargeable Black Starter Kit + 5 Cartomizers | Cigee

by eKaiser
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  • Comes with 5 Flavours in the Pack. With 30+ eKaiser cartomizer flavours available on Amazon to choose from.

Key Features
  • Comes with 5 Flavours in the Pack. With 30+ eKaiser cartomizer flavours available on Amazon to choose from.
  • Electronic Cigarette Rechargeable battery 180 mAh for longer use than most e-cigarette batteries - 300 Puffs. Easy to use USB Charger.
  • Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients were used for creating this E-liquid. Cartomizers are available in white and black.
  • E Shisha with No Tobacco, No Nicotine, No Tar, No Carbon Monoxide, No Harmful Toxins, No Odours. Easy to replace.
  • Official eKaiser Product. Manufactured with the highest quality e-liquid Flavour, for great vapour production and a strong throat hit.
Flavours Included :

1. Gold Tobacco
2. Country Tobacco
3. Cigarette Tobacco
4. Tobacco Blend
5. Classic Tobacco

Why chose the eKaiser E-cigarette?
The eKaiser Rechargeable Eshisha/Ecigarette is a perfect entry point to the world of vaping. The Kit comes with a rechargeable battery 180mAh for longer use than most e-cigarette batteries of the same style. Easy to use USB Charger and 2 new and improved cartomizer flavours. The battery is available in white and black on Amazon and many eKaiser cartomizer flavours are also available on Amazon. Full Warranty and customer support is provided with the product.
How Does It Work?
When the user inhales on the eKaiser E-Cigarette the tip shows a realistic ash glow. The vapour is produced which on the exhale evaporates within seconds. No ash, no lingering smells or odours, just all the pleasures of smoking with no problems.
E Liquid Ingredients (Propylene glycol & Vegetable glycerine) :
All e-liquid blends contain VG, PG, or a mixture of the two. Propylene glycol gives more of the throat hit while Vegetable glycerine gives more of the vapour clouds. For eKaiser, it was determined through extensive research that the 70/30 (PG/VG) mix was ideal, and was able to deliver the most satisfying experience for smokers. Vegetable glycerine is a heavy, and sweet liquid. Propylene glycol is thin, but sweeter than VG.
The e-cigarette community is very divided when it comes to e-liquid preference. Some enjoy the throat hit of vaping Propylene glycol while others prefer the think clouds of vapour of Vegetable glycerine. The 30/70 mix from eKaiser contains the ideal measure of both types of e-liquid, allowing you to experience the best of each. This optimal ratio combines the great throat hit with tons of vapour production.
The product contains NO Nicotine.