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Cigma - Vape slim white + 100ml double mint + Cherry 2 pack 0mg

by Cigma
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  • Its Non-Leak Cap protects the tank from unpleasant leakings/spills and from collecting dust or bacteria.
  • Delicious Double Mint Flavour. Each bottle is batch dated for your safety. The Pin tip and the easily squeezable bottles help you pour the liquid into the tanks in a safe and easy way. No spills no wasted e-liquid!
  • Cigma E-liquids are TPD Compliant. While the majority of e-liquids’ recipe includes Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl, Cigma is free of these unhealthy substances.
  • High quality material for a long-lasting product. The glass tank is resistant to shattering and it mentions the maximum filling point required by the product, in order to help you use it safer and easier.
  • Nicotine-free e-liquid - Each e-liquid is free of nicotine, tobacco, tar.


Imagine a world where you can enjoy the feeling cigarettes give you, in a cleaner, tobacco free way.Cigma Vape, the first world's slimmest refillable & rechargeable e-cigarette, is your solution.
Designed in-house in Oxford and Berlin, Cigma brings youthe most discreet and stylish way to vape. With its elegant design and the realistic red LED tip, Cigma Vape promises to provide you the best vaping experience.
Cigma Vape e-cigarette is so slim and small, that it fits even in the tightest pockets, and itsnon-leak capprotects you from unpleasant leaks. It comes in a slim, portable packaging box, offering you a safer and elegant way to carry this e-cigarette.
Activate when you inhale, Cigma Vape does not require pressing buttons to turn its power on - it is so easy to use! Plus, it comes with low voltage and over-smoking protection, making sure that you willbe able to enjoy it longer and in the safest way.
Its coils and clearomizers are easy-replaceable (available on Amazon, as well).
Because your satisfaction matters the most, Cigma Vapes comes with aMoney Back Guarantee.