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Aspire - Triton Coils - 5 Pack - Ni200

by Aspire
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Aspire has finally released a new set of replacement coils that will allow you to vape with temperature sensing on your aspire TritonorAtlantis 2.0 tanks.
Nickel alloy Ni-200 is known for its magnetic and magnetostrictive properties, high thermal and electrical conductivities, low gas content, and low vapor pressure. Each coil is wrapped with pure nickel wire so you can monitor and limit the temperature your coils.

These red-coded 0.15? resistance Ni-200 coil heads are wicked with 100% Japanese organic cotton to maintain consistent airflow control and prevent dry hits  both essential for cloud chasing.

TheAspire Ni200 replacement coilis designed exclusively for mods with temperature limiting capability. These devices, when used with the Aspire Ni200 atomizer head, can control the temperature of the actual wire itself  resulting in the perfect vape with every puff.

You can use the Aspire Ni200 replacement coil head with the following temperature sensing mods:
  • Vapor Shark DNA 40
  • Yihi SX Mini M-Class
  • Pioneer4You IPV4S
  • Pioneer4You IPV3-Li v2
  • Evolv DNA 40
  • iStick TC 40W
  • Invader Heatvape Mini
You can use the Aspire Ni200 replacement coil with the following tanks:
  • Aspire Triton
  • Aspire Atlantis
  • Aspire Atlantis 2.0
  • Aspire Atlantis Mega
If you want longer-lasting coils, thicker and bigger vapor clouds, and more satisfying hits, then these Aspire replacement nickel coils are perfect for your temperature sensing mod.

Aspire Triton Ni200 replacement coil features:
  • Patented BVC technology
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 0.15? Ni-200 wire coil
  • 100% Japanese organic cotton
  • Capable of temperature monitoring and limiting
  • Longer-lasting coils
  • Massive vapor production
  • Robust flavor
The Aspire Ni-200 replacement atomizer head is designed exclusively for devices with circuit boards that are capable of controlling coil temperature. Do not use this product with any other devices.

The Aspire Triton Ni-200 is a sub-ohm resistance atomizer that should only be used by advanced vapers. Exercise extreme caution when handling sub-ohm tanks. This atomizer will only work on a mechanical mod or a regulated mod capable of firing sub-ohm coils.

Be sure that your batteries can handle the extra power requirements for sub-ohm vaping and that your regulated mod can handle the amps. Improper use of these coils can lead to injury or damage. For mechanical mod users, please use30 amp batteriesor higher. Always refer to an ohms law calculator and check your amps before using.

Tip: We do not recommend using liquids that contain more than 6mg of nicotine. Sub-ohm atomizers tend to produce stronger throat hits than standard resistance atomizers and juices with high nicotine content usually create a harsh burnt taste when heated at sub-ohm levels.

  • Resistance: 0.15?
  • Wire: nickel (Ni-200)
  • Wick: 100% Japanese organic cotton
  • Wattage compatibility: 20W ¢ €š ¬ ‚¬œ 45W
Package Contents:
  • 5 x replacement atomizer heads with 0.15? Ni-200 nickel coils