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11th of March 2020

From 1984 until today, on every second Wednesday of March, the No Smoking Day is celebrated.
No Smoking Day is an awareness campaign that encourages smokers to stop using cigarettes. The main idea is that if you can quit smoking for one day, you can also do it for the next day, the next week, year..
In the UK, the No Smoking Day campaign has been organised by the British Heart foundation over the last decade and its success brought over 80 thousand people to stop using cigarettes.

Why you should consider quitting

We are not going to tell you how bad are cigarettes for your health - you already know the risks and their consequences. We are, however, going to remind you what smoking does to the people around you (family, friends, kids, pets).
Inhaling secondhand smoke can cause the "passive smoker" to get the exact same diseases as a regular smoker:

  • lung cancer
  • heart diseases
  • breathing issues (asthma).


In order to reduce the amount of secondhand smoke produced, we recommend you to replace your regular cigarettes with the electronic version, which not only it allows you to get the "relaxing" effects a cigarette give, but also eliminate the passive smoke for all the people that surround you.


CIGEE on 11th of March

To help you quit smoking, Cigee offers a week of free next day delivery for all the orders placed between the 9th and 13th of March. Help us reduce the secondhand smoke and allow us to help you quit smoking for good. Use the code NoSmoking  for the promotion to apply.

Stop Smoking, Start Vaping!