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Cigma Clearomizer for Cigma Vape e-Cigarette - Slim - Chrome | Cigee

by Cigma
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Key Features

Stylish Clearomizer for Cigma Vape Slim. Elegant design and easy draw system. Chrome - For Cigma Vape White.

Its Non-Leak Cap protects the tank from unpleasant leakings/spills and from collecting dust or bacteria. Note: Its coils work the best with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. A higher VG e-liquid is thicker and harder to vaporise.

Available in Chrome or Gold the Cigma Vape Clearomizer comes in two sizes Slim and Extra compatible with Cigma Vape Slim or Cigma Vape Extra.

High-quality material for a long-lasting product. The glass tank is resistant to shattering and it mentions the maximum filling point required by the product in order to help you use it safer and easier.

Replaceable coils are Available. This product doesn't contain Nicotine. TPD Registered. New Warning Labels Applied.


Searching for a replacement for your clearomizer? Cigma brings you the smallest Clearomizer designed for the Cigma Vape Slim E-Cigarette.

Its metal body and the non-leak cap make this Clearomizer one of the safest e-cigarettes items existent. It allows you to vape in a cleaner way and it protects you from unpleasant leaks.
With an elegant design and a slim shape, the Vape Clearomizer is perfect for everyone who's looking for a stylish way to vape. Easy to refill this clearomizer can be used with any kind of e-liquid you prefer although we recommend you to use Cigma E-Liquids for the perfect amount of vapour.

If you like to vape using more than one e-liquid flavour without having to clean the clearomizer after every use you can always have more clearomizers each one filled with a different type of liquid. Vape in your own style!

Available in Gold and Chrome the Vape Clearomizer is compatible to Cigma Vape Slim E-cigarettes the World's First Slimmest and Smallest Refillable and Rechargeable e-Cigarette.

Note: Our coils work the best with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. A higher VG e-liquid is thicker and harder to vaporise.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Deniz Mckenna
too easily damaged but otherwise a great product

The whole Cigma product is brilliant; theyre small, discreet, and that you dont have to push any buttons or fiddle with settings means theyre simple to use. They charge quickly and hold a charge for a decent length of time, and the Clearomizer, though small, holds enough liquid that youre not refilling on every third use.The amount of 'smoke' produced is also perfect - not too little as to feel nothings happening, but not those hideous clouds produced from tanks!The fact theyre as close as you'll get to the look and feel of a cigarette as possible also means that if youre quitting tobacco cigarettes, these make it a much easier transition, especially if your addiction is habit as well as nicotine.However, the 3 stars Ive given are for the Clearomizer, and are due in large part to the fragility of the Clearomizer itself.First, the 'leakproof' overcap, which is a screw off 'nib' is supposed to prevent liquid leaking and or going directly in your mouth. It doesnt always work. By which I mean 75% of the time, you get liquid in your mouth! It makes for an unpleasant and potentially harmful experience, and means you have to carry a tissue with you specifically for clearing the cap every now and then.Second, and for me the biggest annoyance, is the fact the glass section cracks at the join to the metal section far too easily.If you drop it, even from a coffee table height, to a hard floor, it will crack. If you put it in a bag or pocket and then even light pressure is applied, it will crack. And most annoyingly of all - you can be unscrewing the clearomizer to refill, and oops - it can crack. Its an unbelievable oversight in design.Worse, the crack seems to happen either exactly on or just under the metal, so its barely noticeable until you find it leaks between uses and the draw on it in use is reduced, because its allowing air to be sucked in.Ive found that if its cracked, a thin peice of parafilm or duck tape wrapped around this join can be a decent fix until you can get a new one - or better still on buying your new one, add the tape and it will a) protect it and b) provide some additional support and cushioning. Its not ideal, and its not completely preventative - and it can also mean its difficult to see if its empty - but will keep it running until you buy a new one.So not perfect, but if the manufacturers could fix the glass cracking it would be. And as a solution to quitting smoking, the problems can be worked around and are worth suffering for an otherwise excellent product to aid cessation of a horrible habit.

Cigee Customer
does a great job

The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars from me is the tiny bit at the top which is easy to lose - but in terms of whether it works or not, it's great!

Cigee Customer
Five Stars

Best I've used so far, received quick thank you

Cigee Customer
Looks and feels great quality. About an hour to charge battery

Very small and very light. Looks and feels great quality. About an hour to charge battery. Can be held between fingers.
None yet

lyndsey lake

This is really good however I wish the flavor was stronger