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Vapoursson Magnet e-Cigarette - Refillable & Rechargeable Starter Kit + 5 x 10ml | Cigee

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Key features
  • ELEGANT, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND TRANSPORTABLE e-cigarette from Vapoursson. Perfect to wear in your pocket, as it has a sleek design that makes use comfortable.
  • USB rechargeable, with micro USB charger and external USB port, which makes it unnecessary to unscrew the battery.
  • Easily refillable and compatible with most e-liquids available on the market (we recommend the use of E-Liquids 50/50 PG / VG).
  • Massive exterior walls that protect it from falling and spilling. Lightweight and portable.
  • Free cleaning package included (5 x 10 ml bottles of e-liquids + cleaning cloth + cleaning e-liquid). No nicotine, tobacco, or tar.

Annoyed by the e-cigarettes that constantly leak into your pockets

The Vapoursson Magnet offers you the solution. Developed in Oxford, the Magnetic E-Cigarette is the first vape pen to have a magnetic cap to protect it from accidental spillage or leakage. If other e-cigarettes pollute the purses or bags, causing you to lose valuable e-juice, the Magnet vape will ensure that this is prevented.
The magnet is equipped with a micro-USB cable, which can be connected directly to the external connection of the e-cigarette.

This eliminates the need to remove the battery and saves you more time. Thanks to the LED light button, you always know how much power is left in your battery to have enough time to charge.

With a 5-click system, the power of your Vappourson magnet can be turned on and off so you do not accidentally activate it in your pockets and recover safely and effortlessly.

Vapoursson E-Cigarette gets a free E-Liquids cleaning pack with 5 bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid so you can start streaming right away, a cleaning cloth, and a bottle of cleaning fluid for your tank!

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