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Cigma e-Liquid - Cleanser Pack 0mg 10ml Bottle x 10 | Cigee

by Cigma
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Key Features

  • While the majority of e-liquids' recipe includes Diacetyl Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl Cigma is free of these unhealthy substances.
  • Using a perfect mix between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (50 PG/50 VG) Cigma's recipe has been developed over a 6 years period in order to obtain real flavors & a strong throat hit.
  • The Pack contains 9 x 10 ml E-liquid bottles of different flavors (Bubble Gum Classic Tobacco Cola Gold Tobacco Ice Mint Mango Smoothie Pineapple Vanilla and Watermelon Mint ). Each bottle is sealed individually and batch dated for your safety. The Pin tip and the easily squeezable bottles help you pour the liquid into the tanks in a safe and easy way. No spills no wasted e-liquid!
  • This is the first e-liquid pack with cleanser and cleaning cloth included for improving your e-cigarettes' life and the quality of vapors. Plus Cigma uses only High grade raw materials and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. A Non-metal tip is used so our liquid is not contaminated with metals.This is why we are so confident about the quality of our products that we offer a Money Back Guarantee if you're unsatisfied.
  • Suitable for all the vape kits. No Tobacco. No Nicotine. No Tar. No Carbon Monoxide. No Odours. No Synthesized Colors. No Diacetyl. No Acetoin. No Acetyl Propionyl.


  • Concerned about the harmful chemicals used in E-liquids? Try the Cigma e-liquids created in accordance with the new EU law. Developed over a 6 year period of trials and fails Cigma promises to bring you safe E-liquids flavours so you can enjoy vaping more.
  • The pack contains nine sweet flavours that you can mix in order to create the best combinations for you and it provides you 'real' flavours strong and long-lasting. The e-liquids come in a slim portable packaging box each bottle is individually sealed and batch dated for your safety.
  • Our easy-squeezable bottles have a Pin Tip which allows you to pour the desired quantity of e-liquid in your clearomizer without spilling any precious drop.
  • Plus each bottle of e-liquid can produce hundreds of deliciously flavoured puffs for the perfect vaping experience.
  • Cigma brings you the first e-liquid pack with cleanser liquid&cleaning cloth included. The cleanser is specially made for cleaning the tank after filling it with different types of e-liquid. It is healthier for you and also for your e-cigarette contributing to its long-lastingness. The cleaning cloth comes together with the liquid and its designed to absorb &clean any liquid excess for a safer use of the e-cigarette.

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