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Cigma vape extra gold clearomizer (GERMAN)

by Cigma
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Cigma Vape Clearomizer Extra Gold
The Cigma Vape Extra Clearomizer is made for the extra battery. It is a refillable clearomizer tip.

How to fill E Liquid:
Simply slide the clearomizer head out of the battery and pour your liquid into the side of the chamber. Fill this up to the maximum level and then screw the battery back onto the clearomizer. Wait 1-2 minutes for the wick to soak completely. Then steam off!
We recommend the Cigma 10ml E Liquid bottle for this product. The nozzle is perfectly made for pouring into the clearomizer and only premium formulas and flavors have been selected to gain the best experience. (Cigma Vape is delivered without E Liquid)

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