CIGMA Mint 6mg/ml(70VG) 10ml Bottle | Cigee

by Cigma
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The Cigma Liquids are created from the finest raw materials, natural extracts and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, using the most advanced production techniques and quality control processes to enable conformity to the highest international health and pharmaceutical standards. Cigma Liquids are made specifically for the Cigma E Cigarette developed in Oxford, United Kingdom. The flavors are selected through a long R&D process to give you the assurance of the flavor hit. Also, available in 4 different strengths, the Cigma E-liquids can offer you the necessary quantity of nicotine you desire. TPD Registered. TPD Warning Applied.

This product consists of the highest quality freebase nicotine diluted to a safer and more manageable level with a mixture of USP Vegetable Glycerine (VG).  It can be vaped as is at the lower nicotine levels or diluted to an even lower level using USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin resulting in a great throat hit with little to no discernable flavor or odor.

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