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by eKaiser
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New on the market, the Ekaiser shortfills offer you the same amazingly delicious flavours in our premium nicotine-free e-liquids, available in bigger bottles.

The bottles are only up to 80% filled with nicotine-free e-liquid ("short-filled"), allowing you to add extra nicotine shots and to create low nicotine e-juice. Mixed with the nic shots, our e-liquids can offer you great flavours and the nicotine concentration you desire.

The eKaiser nic-shots were created using only high-grade pharmaceutical ingredients, providing you with the best alternative to smoking real cigarettes. The VG/PG ratio (50/50) is excellent for all the types of coils, offering the best flavours, throat hit and vapour.

Our easy-refillable bottles come with a child-proof lid and a pin tip, helping you to refill the tanks fast, without any unpleasant and unwanted spills. The 10ml bottles contain an 18mg concentration liquid, perfect to be mixed with the eKaiser 30ml and 100ml shortfill bottles. Mix, shake and create low-nicotine e-juices

No tobacco, tar, no unpleasant taste or smell

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